Marching and Concert Band


The PHHS band program consists of Marching Band and Concert Band, encompassing brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Most students participate in both programs concurrently.

Concert Band

Band 1,2 (9th grade) is the band class held during the regular school day. Students will learn to play a standard band instrument in an ensemble setting. Expertise and appreciation is gained through performance of a wide variety of musical literature. Instruction of music theory is introduced and reinforced.

Band 3,4 (10th grade), 5,6 (11th grade) and 7,8 (12th grade) is a band class held during the regular school day. It is offered to students who have completed Band 1,2 or have had equivalent study of, knowledge of, or experience in music. Students will learn and perform advanced band literature in an ensemble setting. This course will focus on the development of technical skill, musical understanding, and core VAPA music standards.

Marching Band

Marching Band is an extracurricular activity held during the fall sports season. Participating students earn one credit hour for participating in this elective course. It is considered a 7th period class as it takes place outside of the regular school hours.

Participating in the Patrick Henry Marching Band provides students with so much more than simply learning to play music. Students gain lifelong skills including leadership, responsibility, teamwork, and more. The friendships made within the band have proven to be a lasting network of peer support, and encouragement that extends beyond high school.

Concert Attire

All students are expected to wear concert attire at all concerts. Click the button below for concert attire examples.